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Pro Team Sports offers you different custom dietetic plans that will help you to achieve your main goals.

Amateur or Pro, triatlete, cyclist or runner, our dietetic expert will help you to perform and be on the top the right day!


Here what we offer:

Weight loss program:

Program to lose weight harmoniously, while respecting the body in order to reconcile a +/- intense sports activity – The 1st session includes:

  • Medical histogenesis and weighting
  • Taking anthropometric measurements
  • Formulation of objectives
  • Writing of a personalized food plan, with the patient
  • Hygiene and dietary advice + line of work for the next sessions if there are (non-mandatory) – The following sessions include:
  • Taking anthropometric measurements
  • Last week’s assessment
  • Dietary advice targeted + delivery of dietary sheets in line with the profile of the patient + line of work for the next sessions if there is – Until the stabilization phase, strongly recommended to reintroduce scientifically certain foods without gaining weight + consolidation – Also, it is indicated, after a significant loss of weight, to make a balance of control 1 to 2 x per year to avoid a possible recovery, or post-weight loss.

Fitness program:

Program to rebalance your diet without weight loss or weight gain, for better cognitive performance, sports and balance in everyday life. It is indicated in case of energy loss and / or chronic fatigue. The course of the sessions is similar to those of the weight loss program, without stabilization phase and, of course, based on the principles of micronutrition athlete (work on specific foods containing a particular mineral or oligo elements for this or that action on the body).

Performance program:

Very precise program, developed to prepare the athlete for a particular objective, with the possibility of drying or gaining mass, while preserving the body from any state of fatigue.

Competition preparation:

Indeed, the preparation for a competition is a very trying time, both for the body and the mind, which implies the development of a food plan ensuring optimal muscular and neuronal functions, hence an axis of working in micronutrion oriented in this direction. The course of the sessions is similar to those of the weight loss program, with no stabilization phase but with a recommended post-competition session, with the explanation of a recovery diet.

Meet our nutritionist,

Name: Julie Postic

  • Dietitian DE since 2009.
  • Human and clinic Nutrition Diploma.
  • Trail & running passionate.
  • I exerciced dietetics in private and clinic environment, I then decided to focus on what I love the most, sport.
  • Main goal will be to help you understand how important nutrition is on your sport performances.
    • I will make a professional expertise.
    • Create custom nutrition plan to achieve your goals.
    • Follow up on progress and changes.